Sean Kelly

  • Welded center differential

    The center differential initiates the torque split between the front and rear differentials in the Getrag W5MG1 5-speed all-wheel-drive transmission.

  • CTech Fuel Pump Circuit

    When the torque production of the engine surpasses the supply of the fuel pump, you upgrade to one with higher flow capacity.

  • The Bigger Boost

    Lorem ipsum dolor sit amitExpha's first editorial on why a manual boost controller is inferior in operation to an electronic boost controller.

  • Knock Resistance in Turbocharged IC Petroleum Engines

    A look into the process of pre-ignition in turbocharged internal combustion engines, and ways to avoid it.

  • Valve flow, an intro

    An in-depth introduction to the flow of poppet valves in internal combustion engines. Also, Expha's first attempt at complex mathematical formulas in an article.

  • Specific Fuel Consumption

    Engines work most efficiently at a certain operating point. Specific fuel consumption aids in analyzing the fuel economy and torque of an IC engine.

  • IC Engine Kinematics

    The first in a three part discussion analyzing the kinematics of the lower rotating assembly of an internal combustion engine. Here we will model and plot the motion of the piston and consider numerical differentiation.

  • Mechanical Versus Electrical System Control

    The computer that controls the ignition and injection events in an IC engine works many thousand times faster. Here we look at how much control a modern processor has on a mechanical system.

  • Polishing Aluminum

Chris Walker

  • How to Maximize Your Sharpness

    A discussion of image sharpness and how camera adjustments and attributes affect it. Reciprocity failure, apertures and depth of field are covered within.

  • Tips For Water Photography

    This article briefs several techniques and methods you can use to photograph water more effectively. Included is a discussion of polarizing filters and panning.

  • On Star Trails and Pinwheels

    A narrative about photographing stars; techniques for shooting heavenly bodies and the experience that accompanies night photography.

  • On Depth of Field

    Covers principals of depth-of-field, advantages/shortcomings of using too large or small of an aperture, and thoughts on appropriate use of depth in individual images.

Mat Kelly

  • Exploiting ING

    Diversify! Actually, just a means to make the most of ING Direct's e-banking.

  • Exploring Python with Euler

    At the advice of some other programmers and my desire to learn Python, I have taken it onto myself to trudge through the problems at Project Euler.

  • A New Kind of Arbitrage

    Credit card arbitrage has all but disappeared as firms plugged up all of the holes. A new way exists, however, to produce the same desired effect.