On Depth of Field

Covers principals of depth-of-field, advantages/shortcomings of using too large or small of an aperture, and thoughts on appropriate use of depth in individual images.

  • photography

A New Kind of Arbitrage

Credit card arbitrage has all but disappeared as firms plugged up all of the holes. A new way exists, however, to produce the same desired effect.

  • finance

How to Maximize Your Sharpness

A discussion of image sharpness and how camera adjustments and attributes affect it. Reciprocity failure, apertures and depth of field are covered within.

  • photography

Tips For Water Photography

This article briefs several techniques and methods you can use to photograph water more effectively. Included is a discussion of polarizing filters and panning.

  • photography

On Star Trails and Pinwheels

A narrative about photographing stars; techniques for shooting heavenly bodies and the experience that accompanies night photography.

  • photography

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